Our Story

My name is David Sullivan and along with Chris Burr, we are the founders of the next level of the vaping community, where we are striving to create a class above the rest in the vape industry where quality, safety and quality are above all.

It started as a small brainchild a few years ago when a dear friend of mine gave me a vape pen to help me quit smoking due to health issues,I never understood the impact it would have on my life then but several years later, I am healthy. Years later I met Chris Burr whom was already involved in the community and had success in the industry already, making private label juices for local shops as well as marketing designs. I approached him with the idea of creating something bigger and better and in doing so we founded Outclass Vape Club, where we strive to outdo the rest and be the absolute best.

Our goal has been to start with a select collection of high quality innovative products from all ends of the market at an affordable price and make them available to our customers with ease and offer them a classy level of trust that cant be found in the industry. The mission is quite simple for us here at OutClass Vape Club.........If its not Classy and Top in Quality it wont be on our site.